WooThemes Playground

WooThemes Playground

WooThemes, the fantastic premium WordPress theme club has just released something they call “The Playground“. It basically allows you to try any of their themes, front end AND back end. This is a very good move from their part we think has new potential buyer will be able to try out the theme inside out before buying and particularly the WooFramework 2.

Many good theme are good because they include some bespoke back end functionalities. But when demoing a theme you usually don’t get to try them out.

The Playground is based on a WPMU install using all the themes available and you can create new pages, posts, post comments and change skins, style, etc…

Now let’s see if ThemeForest take the same approach and open the theme testing to the backend as well.

2 thoughts on “WooThemes Playground”

  1. Thanks for your comment Rinaldi. I am not sure I understand your point though. The WooThemes Playground is not a theme, it’s all the themes they have in one WordPress Mu install so people can create a blog and try them out.

    The benefits are huge as you can post stuff on your test blog, tweak the admin options and so on.

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