Trend: Javascript sliders and WordPress

Trend: Javascript sliders and WordPress

Javascript sliders are not a new trend as such but they seem to be the current reference when it comes to portfolios and showcases.

It is especially interesting to see how they are implemented in a WordPress environment so I have shortlisted a few WordPress powered sites that uses javascript sliders in one way or another.


Search Engine Marketing Agency - Radium

internet dreams

Web design London - Creative web agency from Richmond, London


Online web design portfolio of Rob Palmer, Creating accessible website design · Branded07


Tutorial9 - Photoshop Tutorials, Photography Tuts, and Resources

Copimaj Interactive

Copimaj Interactive - Agentie Interactiva- Marketing Online, Web Design, PR online

HyperX Local

HyperX Local

Split Mango

Vancouver Web Design & Search Engine Optimization - SEO, PPC


IconDock - The Art of Stock Icons

We <3 ™

We -3 ™ – Brooklyn based web design, graphic design, identity and branding

Ankara Halı Yıkama Merkezi

Ankara Halı Yıkama Merkezi - Halı Yıkama Bizim İşimiz... Temizlik Firması - Halı Yıkama Ankara

Do it yourself

If you like that you might want to implement one yourself. It’s easier than what it looks like and even if you don’t now much about javascript you should be able to pull it off. All we need to do is a custom query that displays posts from a specific category. Then a javascript that takes those posts and turn them in a slider.

The code could look like that (goes in you template file, either header.php or index.php or the homepage template):


Then grab the fantastic code from Chris Coyier’s AnythingSlider script and add this at the top of the file:

[snippet-slider options]

Add the CSS and images from AnythingSlider and don’t forget to call the javascript file (after the jQuery call) and the CSS file in the header. Remember that if you use the jQuery from WordPress you have to change the $ by jQuery in the file and the code at the top.

Ready made solutions

Now if you like the slider effect then there are a few WordPress themes out there that will give you just that:

Pacifica, ThemeForest, from $30 single use.

Levitation, ThemeForest, from $35 single use

Twicet, ThemeForest, from $35 single use

Vibrant CMS, WooThemes, from $70 single use (plus one free theme!)

The Gazette Edition, WooThemes, from $70 single (plus one free theme!)

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