Those themes and plugins that transform WordPress

WordPress is a great content management system but some projects require special functionalities that Wp can’t handle out of the box. The way plugins and themes work make it possible for a programmer to add pretty much anything to WordPress and there are some interesting example out there that are pushing Wp far beyond what it is designed for originally.

We are concentrating here on two aspects that seem to be the most important in the current trend but feel free to share anything else in the comments.

Social Sites

P2 Theme

P2 - Faster Blogging

The P2 theme is the updated version of one called Prologue. It has been developed by Automatic, the guys behind WordPress and some other great stuff. What the theme does is transform you blog into a Twitter like platform. It’s almost better than Twitter as new posts are updated automatically using Ajax. It is particularly suited for company who need a internal messaging app where employees can share links and have small discussions. Matt Mullenweg explains on his blog how P2 changed Automatic.

WordPress Mu

WordPress MU › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform

WordPress Mu is not actually a plugin or a theme but a set of modified core files that allow you to set up your own like site. Being able to create an infinity of blogs with one install is pretty amazing. And seeing how good it runs on it seems to be scalable as hell. You download Wp Mu like you would download WordPress and the install is pretty much the same but you will need some server configuration knowledge if you want to make the most of it.


Test Drive BuddyPress — Home

BuddyPress is a Wp Mu plugin that will transform you mu install into a fully featured social platform very similar to Facebook. Friends, groups, Status, profile and blog, it’s all there to start your own social site. And of course it has the flexibility and styling possibilities of WordPress.


Get ready for impact! - WooTube

Wootube is a premium WordPress theme from WooThemes that will help you create you own Youtube like site. The styling is clean and uses the famous WooThemes framework to give you the flexibility you need.

E-commerce / Affiliate

E-commerce themes

wpShop Reloaded

WPShop-Reloaded - A WordPress eCommerce Theme



Those two themes from ThemeForest are premium themes that will turn your WordPress install in a shopping cart. If you already have a WordPress powered site and want some basic e-commerce functionalities then this should be ideal. Of course theydon’t stack up against the likes of Magento and Prestashop but if you just need to sell a few things they are perfect. wpshop-reloaded $35 for single use. eGoods $30 for single use.

Product Affiliator


The Product Affiliator theme from ThemeForest again is will help you sell affiliate product. So it is in a way like the two themes above but here you don’t deal with payements and cart. Product Affiliator $25 for single use.


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    Thanks for including wpShop and eGoods in your post!
    Look out for the new theme in the series “The Clothes Shop” that has many new and exciting features!

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    Thats a good set of very neat plugins and themes. I wasn’t aware of the WordPress Mu thing, I must check it out sometime.

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