Palm Pre and Iphone free psd vector pack

Palm Pre and Iphone free psd vector pack

After creating a vector version of the Palm Pre and the Iphone in photoshop we thought it would be nice to release it for free download. No need to introduce the Iphone, it’s one the most desired phone at the moment and as been a great success for Apple. The Palm Pre is a serious competitor is also a stylish handset.



We expect those two to get even more attention in the next few month and having them in vector format will definitely come handy. So here they are, feel free to download the pack. The archive contain one layered psd file for each and both are 100% shape made.

You can use those in any project, commercial or personal and you don’t have to give credits to us (but links are always appreciated). Of course we would love to here from you in the comments on how you’ve used them.

The archive: Palm Pre and Iphone vector pack

7 thoughts on “Palm Pre and Iphone free psd vector pack”

  1. Thank you! I had to make a website for university as a project. And also give an essay about the website, how I made it etc. As I’ve also checked whether it works on an iPhone this download just is great to frame my screen shot!

  2. thanks for sharing these. very much appreciated. I will buy you a few beers if you’re ever in the Grenoble region of France!
    email me!

  3. Thanks Wayne, we’ll see what we can do in the near futur to get some Android phones as well.

  4. Actually that’s not a bad idea at all. The Hero looks awesome, I’ll see if I we can get a psd of it some times soon.

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