moocoom, WordPress theme experiment

moocoom, WordPress theme experiment

moocoom is more is sold as an experiment but actually looks quite good and could definitely work as a CMS WordPress theme. The style is very clean at first glance with its shades of black and white text.

The concept is to build your site from blocks. You add a block recent posts here, a block gallery there and start structuring the site.

Other features includes:

  • Slider-, Blog-, Portfolio-, Headline-, Gallery-, Widget-blocks
  • Make posts private
  • Login and Search opens in lightbox.
  • Image Gallery
  • Sidebar Galery
  • Single Gallery
  • Page Gallery
  • Video Lightbox
  • Sortable Archive
  • Sortable search results
  • Lightbox included
  • Google Analytics
  • No need to embed Videos

Prices start at $30.

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