Minimalist designs in WordPress and good themes to get started

Minimalist designs in WordPress and good themes to get started

Minimalist is maybe not what comes to mind when someone start designing a new website. In our post-web2.0 era everyone wants more fancy and flashy sites.

Less is often better and that’s something we designers seem to forget to satisfy our lust for intricate designs. Detail is what makes a good design, and minimal is all about that. Minimal is fresh, often very usable and doesn’t blow your mind up with things to concentrate on.

We’ve done a small selection of nice minimalist WordPress sites and a few minimal themes to quick start your next project.

the May Blog

Rogier Bikker

Philippines Web Design - Freelance Web Designer in Manila, Philippines - Raymond Selda

Information Architects

Human Resources™

Home page of photo portfolio website of Kevin G. Wong



The Grid System

Muller — News & Blog

Some themes to get you started

Minimo is a simple and attractive one page portfolio showcase theme, $10 for single use (demo)

Minimo -A Minimalistic Portfolio Theme by Pixelcraft

Minimal WordPress Template, $25 for single use (demo)


Apricot, a nice free WordPress themes. Might need some adjustement to make the most of the latest versions of wordpress but it is a good start.


Press from Obox. Premium template, single use cost $50 but the theme is awesome


7 thoughts on “Minimalist designs in WordPress and good themes to get started”

  1. The premium theme available @WooThemes by @danrubin called Big Easy doesn’t have a monochromatic style built-in, but it’s not hard to create a nice piece of webdesign minimalism: Big Easy | WooThemes

    Thanks for compiling a great list. — @schae_rad

  2. Thanks for the link Justin, definitely a good resource for minimal designs. Will have to check all those sites now :P

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